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We create with passion and care and we strive to keep high requirements in our work.

Our company was established in 2012 and since then we have grown to over 6 million, -EUR a year and we now employ over 30 people. Such as designers, sales representatives, project managers, operators, and others. We started our business aiming at foreign markets and only in the last years have we focused on the Czech market as well. This image shows all our products and spaces equipped, designed, manufactured, and prepared by us all over Europe.

We focus on producing products used in sales promotion, from individual displays to complete systems and assembled units. Our team can tailor your shop and office according to your wishes and use the client’s vision in order to fill once empty spaces. What comes as a result is a beautiful and functional space, with your vision fully realized!

We provide services in manufacturing of metal, plastics, and wood. Our products are original and custom-made. We take great pride in high quality of our services and products and we consider this trait indispensable in our industry. Products that are intended for presentation need to be themselves representative.

Our long-term cooperation with foreign companies has taught us how to meet all requirements, even those of very demanding clients, and thus we maintain this approach in our relationship with all our new clients.

Deadlines are a priority for us because we know that they are a priority for our customers. Thanks to our technologies and constantly improving processes, we are able to adjust prices according to our clients’ requirements while at the same time maintaining high standards.

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L'Oréal Paris
SC Johnson

If you are not satisfied with little and you want more, let us say a perfect result, then do not hesitate!


We change your ideas into reality.

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