Metalwork Fabrication

Metal materials

Complete service of metal materials processing. We engage in preparing drawing documentation, prototyping, serial production and surface treatments. We work according to both delivered and our own designs, and we also provide semi-finished products.

Technological options:

  • toolmaking work
  • milling and turning on CNC machines
  • electro-erosive machining (in-depth and by wire)
  • flat grinding and rounding
  • drilling (both classic and coordinate)
  • refining of materials
  • finishing works
  • locksmith manufacturing
  • material separation (CNC, lasers, plasma, water jets, die cutting)
  • welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum (MIG, TIG, WIG)
  • manufacturing tubes and profiles on CNC
  • CNC bending on CNC presses
  • polishing stainless steel and aluminum to high gloss
  • additional riveting technology, welding of fasteners, pressing, flowdrill
  • products assembly
  • powder coating with RAL sample