Where we help

We help where we can

We regularly contribute to people for whom our financial gifts are great help in their otherwise difficult lives. We are pleased to be able to put a smile on their faces, and we contribute to various organizations and individuals throughout the year.

We give away smiles

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Nákupem obrázků od dětí jsme pomohli organizaci Klokánek

We work regularly

The Krtek foundation for treating children with oncological problems

This foundation focuses on improving and refining children staying at the oncology department of the Faculty Hospital in Brno. It provides for workplaces being retrofit, contributes to research, and provides for all needs of hospitalized children and children who have ceased their active oncological treatment and are coping with its consequences.

“On behalf of the KRTEK childhood oncology foundation, I would like to thank Bakof group for a financial donation that has helped many patients hospitalized at the Clinic for Pediatric Oncology at the Faculty Hospital in Brno.“

Mgr. Kateřina Doležalová, social coordinator

Leontinka Foundation

Goal of this foundation is to bring light to the lives of blind children. It is through education and special aids that this foundation supports social integration of visually impaired children. The foundation cooperates with special schools, specialized clinics, and training centers.

„Bakof group has helped us bring light to the lives of visually impaired people by buying sports equipment for the Perun Goalball Club. Goalball is a special Paralympic sport with a sound ball played by blind and visually impaired athletes.“

Barbara Hucková, executive director of Leontinka foundation

Foundation ‘Give us a chance’

This foundation runs a sanctuary (temporary or permanent home) for abused, sick, and handicapped dogs. In collaboration with veterinarians, they treat their wounds and try to get these dogs back on their feet and trusting people again.

„We would like to thank Bakof Group for their generous financial support, which we immensely appreciate. It is only thanks to people and companies like this one that we can help old, tortured, and handicapped dogs and make their lives more tolerable. Thank you for helping us because this would not have been possible without your help. You have my respect, and you are invited to visit us whenever you wish to do so.“

Eliška Vafková, Head of the dog sanctuary, chairman of the foundation